there's nothing as modern as tradition


I started Uber in 2006 after finding 'Luis Trenker' clothing in a shop in Northern Italy. It was perfect! I had never been able to find any thing I liked in the uk for years - it was either too frilly, too young, too old, too expensive, too boring...  So I had, at last, found my style! and I felt it was my duty to bring it to the uk. So I opened Uber. And I continue to choose the things I sell in the same passionate way. And still, the majority of our items cannot be found anywhere else in the UK. They are made in Europe with care. They are well cut with beautiful fabrics. They are classic. And, on the majority of what we sell, we only have one of each size. Once it has gone, thats it.

Uber is not a snooty place. We don't follow fashion. We're friendly and welcoming. We can give advice only if its wanted. If you would like to have a lot of advice, and fun, you can see Tanya. She has over 20 years experience as a stylist and designer and can help you find your own style again and at the same time be comfortable.

Thank you, tschuss and ciao!


Christa x

PS You may come across many other shops calling themselves 'uber'. We are the true original, often copied but never the same.


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